November 12th, 2011

Hypnotherapy – Healing From The Inside Out

Should you be experiencing flash—backs from your past, questions pertaining to childhood or mere uncertainly or a feeling of ‘stuckness’ in your life or want to slop smoking, eat less, redirect your focus and attention, work on public speaking or lose weigh and the likes, Dr. Haeck may recommend hypnotherapy in order to assist your subconscious processes into conscious recovery that is behaviourally directed. Many therapeutic changes often occur around the 6th or 8th session for most standard interventions but hypnotherapy is highly effective in that it creates change from the first session.

Hypnotherapy sessions

  • begin with a 2 hour session
  • followed by a hypno-fill session of an hour and a follow up a month later,
  • another session three months Iater,
  • six months after that and
  • a year later in an effort to ensure efficacy

To discuss your hypnotherapy needs, please contact me.

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