Brain Training

November 12th, 2011

Neuro-balancing is a new and exciting intervention tool used by Dr. Haeck in an effort to shorten the length of therapy considerably. Dr. Haeck often refers individuals and couples, families with children to Rory Park-Ross, a colleague who assists her in mapping clients brain wave activity in on effort to establish their reactivity levels and optimize them into a changed interaction pattern through Neuro-feedback.

Brain training is seen by Dr. Haeck as equating to a home’s foundation once balance has transpired, a foundation that is solid and receptive exists.

Therapy is then added in on effort to assist clients to be less reactive and more susceptible to change therapeutically.

Neuro-balancing assists clients who present with depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, addictive dependencies, anger management, brain injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, eating disorders. Focus/memory. OCD, pain mitigation, panic attacks, sexual function, sleep disorders, eating disorders, smoking cessation and stress.

Rory Park-Ross – 076 454 2920

A brain map is undertaken over a 90 minute period followed by six 2 hour sessions.

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